Thursday, April 5, 2007

Welcome Max, Tipper & Misty!!!


My name is Maxwell Smartkitty, but everyone calls me Max. I’m a classic black & white, male tuxedo cat who wears a red collar. I was adopted at 6 weeks of age from a local shelter in Wisconsin. Now I’m almost 3 years old and at 16.5 lb. am a big man cat. In my family there are 4 cats and I have an older brother and sister and a younger sister. When my younger sister was adopted I didn’t like her much, but now we play together a lot.
I’m an independent sort of guy and don’t like to be held or carried. I allow Mom or Dad pet my head or back, but that’s about all. I don’t like my feet being bothered, especially for claw trims! I’m definitely not a lap kitty, but I do like to be near my family and follow Mom around.

I like to eat and I’m not fussy at all. I try all kinds of food and usually Mom will let me taste things to see if I like them. Plus I like milk, stinky goodness and treats. When we get treats, I eat all of mine and then go steal my sister’s.
I own the top shelf of our cat perch and often lay there looking out at our yard. I enjoy playing with feathers, our red dot and the mirror light. I especially like playing with toilet paper and drinking fresh water from the faucet.


I was named Tipper because when I was a kitten I had a pointy white tip on my tail, but when I grew up, my tip went away. Now I wear a gray tuxedo dress and a purple collar. I was adopted at 6 weeks old from a local Wisconsin shelter and I’m almost 4 years old now.

I’m sweet and gentle and I’m the lady of the house. I help Mom with everything while taking care of my two brothers and my baby sister. Every evening I lay by Mom and if she gets up, I follow her to see if she needs my help. I like to be petted but not picked up or carried.

My favorite toy is my red & white octopus, but I like flying feathers and glitter balls, too. I’m not picky about food…I like to try everything. When Mom has ice cream I always get to lick the bowl.

Recently I found out I had a secret admirer who became my Valentine. His name is Mattingly and he wears a gray tuxedo, too.


I’m almost a year old and am the youngest in my family. I have an older sister who takes care of me and two older brothers. My oldest brother doesn’t play much any more, but my second oldest brother wrestles with me.

I wear a pink collar with a gray tuxedo dress and have I a distinctive nose pattern. I was adopted at 6 weeks of age from a local shelter and was very sick at first but Mom gave me medicine and I’ve been healthy ever since.

I purr all the time, that’s why I was named Misty Everpurr. I love to play and my favorite toys are feather-butt mousies and crumpled paper balls. I’m learning to be a house lady like my sister and like to follow Mom around to be near her.

I only eat milk and dry food. Sometimes I try other things like when Mom fixes a sandwich or has ice cream. I’m small compared to the other cats in my family because I don’t eat as much as they do. That, plus I’m young and run around a lot. I might get bigger when I’m older.

I have a handsome boyfriend named Speedy who also wears a gray tuxedo.


ML (Mary Lynn) said...

What a beautiful group of tuxies.

I remember Misty was sick and being treated about the time KC came into our lives. Misty's mommie was able to provide some good advice for me to tell the vet. Now both our girls are healthy (sometimes when tiny kittens have health issues, they never go away, they stay with them for life if they are not treated properly).

Katnippia said...

Max, Tipper, and Misty, Welcome to the "new tuxedo gang hideout".- Taps

DEBRA said...

Hi Max, Tipper and Misty. Welcome to da new hangout!

Abby and BOO