Thursday, April 5, 2007


We's skeered!
First, da Momma's doin weerd stuff n makin us skeered. We'll let you read about it over at our home if ya wanna.

Now, about us. We's a bubby n sissy, and we's abouts 18 munfs old. What's a munf? Our hooman Pooka is friends wif our kittymomma's hoomans, an she talked da Momma into takin us to our home when we wuz little babies. Well, not so little, we didn't need mommamilk ennymore...

We's gots three reg'lar hoomans. Dere's Momma, da big one. She brushes us n clips our nails n empties da potty n gives us stinky goodness n treats. Den dere's Pooka, she's da middle one. She sleeps in the top bed n we like ta climb up dere an look outta da winnow. She gives us brushies n cuddles too, but she don't give us nummies. An den dere's da Mini, she's da little one. We dont know what she do udder'n cuddles. She's still learnin how ta play wif us, sumtimes she hugs too hard or she pulls tails. Dere's udder beenz dat come by too, like da guy Mini calls da Daddy. He dont live here but he's here most efurry mornin. Dere's da strange girls dat look like da Momma but dont smell like her. An den deres da guy dat Momma calls da Daddy, but he's diffurnt den da udder Daddy.

We's gots lotsa toys, efun fishies n flutterbies fulla nip. We's gots a scratchy board - Mungo likes dat - n a tall scratchy post in front of da winnow. N we got ringy thingies! But da bestest toy of all.... Momma's nekkid toeses when she's wurkin on da pooperbox! She meeps n moves around so we can chase!


Beau said...

Welcome to the Tuxedo Gang, Mungo and Teazer! Glad to have you both as a member and a contributor!

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Hi, Mungo and Teazer. Nice to meet you and read a bit about you.

Welcome to the ** NEW ** Tuxedo Gang.


pee ess: My cats aren't tuxies, but I LOVE tuxies, so can't help but look.