Thursday, January 29, 2015

Happy 9th Gotcha Day CK And Many More From Your Tuxedo Gang Furiends

Happy, Happy 9th Gotcha Day CK & Many, Many, mooooorrrreeeeee!
From Your Tuxedo Gang Furiends,
Have A Wonderful Day!
Samantha & The Tuxedo Gang

So Sorry I am Late! Samantha might
have a blockage and that has me worried!

Friday, January 16, 2015

*New* Tuxedo Gang Hideout Will Host This Weeks Carnival Of The Cats #566 With Samantha

Stop On By And Ride The Ferris Wheels!
Samantha & The Tuxedo Gang
Come Back On Sunday To Check It Out.
See If You Can See Me! Hehehehehe!

So Today I Am Using The Linky's!
I will be using pictures from your
posts also!
I Hope you enjoy it!
Each Linky Is Linked To Each Picture!
Mr. Tigger was my Best Furiend!

Check Out The New Home of Elvira,
Sneakers & Daddy Kiril!

Sun Puddles Are The Best Says Maddie!
Check OUT The Bloopers with Summer!

Some Kitty Confesses at Marion Allen?
Check Out The new Music At Cat Synth!
What A Cute Sunday Selfie with Brian!

Please Help Truffle Find A New Home!


Check Out The Traveling Cat In Rye England!

We also Have a Traveling Cat Mango who loves the Super Market!
Oh What A Difference Time makes At Create with Joy.
Check Our The New Digs with Elvira, Sneakers & Daddy Kiril!
And Finally! Some One At Jan's Funny Farm Is In BIG Trouble!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Welcome To This Week's Carnival Of The Cat's #560 at The Tuxedo Gang Hideout

Stop By This Week's Carnival Of The Cats!
Samantha & The Tuxedo Gang Hideout
PS: I am Behind a bit and I will Get This
up as soon as possible!

Goings and Comings: Nikita and Sneakers the One Yr. Anniversary Post  by Daddy Kiril

I've been looking after Sneakers, this morning, before heading to work, as she's been a bit lethargic and off her feed since her shots yesterday at the vet.
We purr and pray for Miss Sneakers, too!
Rascal & Rocco and The Pet Parade
Thanks Everyone for Being In This
Weeks Carnival # 560!
Samantha & The Tuxedo Gang

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Carnival Of The Cat's Is At The Tuxedo Gang Hideout #554

The Tuxedo Gang Hideout is This Weeks Carnival 
Of The Cat's Host Number #554
 Well, hello there Tuxedo Nation!!! I'm just so honored and thrilled to be visiting the Hideout and helping host this edition of Carnival of the Cats!

How the hell are ya?

This is Sneakers the Texian Tuxedo, 9th in a line stretching back to the Battle of The Alamo, in 1836! 

I am one of the Opinionated Pussycats, alongside my mentor Elvira Mistress of Felinity.

For those just learning about me this blog post tells of my rescue, last year, and the history of the Texian Tuxedo.

For us Cat Bloggers the Carnival is a chance to discover blogs we might never have heard of, on subjects of all kinds!
Submissions can be sent to:  carnivalofthecats(at)

The Carnival Home Page, with an archive of past Carnivals, the available hosting dates and Line-up for 2015, FAQ'S, and more, is HERE.

Elvira is going to post the official 2015 Hosting Call for the Carnival (and putting together a little something about Carnival for anyone to share on their blog, as we try to look for hosts and spread the word to an ever growing pet blogging community with bloggers who have never heard of us), later in the week.
So, let's get this show on the road!

1 and 2. From Summer, the new cat behind Sparkle the Designer Cat's blog, has a couple of great posts to share:
"Being a therapy cat isn’t something special or different, really. ALL kitties are therapy cats! Here is how that works..."
"Life is Better with Cats!"

3. Over at Marian Allen's blog...Sweetie Pie Turner is searching for MomGoth in a very unique fashion.

4 and 5. Over at CatSynth ...No Luna sighting, but here is a sleepy keyboardist and Serge Cat.

6 thru 8. Over at Brian's Home...
Flat Brian and his human attended the Purina Better with Pets Summit in NYC, but there was a medical issue for Mr. Terry, from which he came out OK, after tests. Daddy Kiril has met him and considers him one of his dearest friends and we are glad he's doing fine.
Synchronized snoozing
Purrs and Purrayers for Sister Zoe!

9. Over at Animal Shelter Volunteer Life... 600th post celebration!

10 and 11. Over at Life From a Cat's Perspective... Monday Morning with Samantha and Tuxie Tuesday with Samantha & Socks

12 and 13. Over at Traveling Cats ...Cats in Uruguay and a famous cat in Toronto, Canada.

14. Over at Rascal & Rocco...Check out info on the K-9 Epilepsy Charity Auction.

15. As for us...our post of the week involved Daddy Kiril wielding his camera at a park in downtown Houston.

Street Seens 88: The Cats of Houston's Historic Sam Houston Park

In keeping with this coming week being Halloween Week, and Samantha's cool Witch Pic, let me end by sharing a photo related to the other Daddy Cam series featured on our blog...

You see, Daddy recently spooked some birds who, except for one of them, didn't realize that he understood every word they spoke in discussing him and Miss Elvira, hee, hee! 

The entire post and photos of the bird chat can be found on our blog and will be linked in the next edition of the Carnival.