Friday, April 6, 2007

Important News Updates

It's an understatement to stay it's been a furry stressful week for some! Oreo's family is grieving the loss of Uncle Danny who has been on our prayer list for a while now. Please be sure to stop by and leave them a comment. Sophia posted a beautiful poem for them on the Cat Blogosphere. (Sophia posted about her Uncle Mark's birthday party. Check out the pictuers!!) Mom Robyn of HotMBC had to go to the hospital because her meds gave her an allergic reaction and made her legs jumpy. She's okay though and didn't even have to stay in the hospital. Millie just had her 1st birthday! WOW!! Seems like yesterday we were all banding together to help Malcolm save her and take care of her! Beau's mom has a birthday Saturday of next week, and Timmy's mom has a birthday also this month. Due to Oreo's loss we are respectfully postponing the voting of the new logo temporarily to give them a chance to grieve. Also, so that HotMBC family can tend to Mom Robyn and make sure she's okay. For those of you travelling over the holiday weekend, have a safe trip! Happy Easter, and to our Jewish friends we hope you had a blessed Passover! More news to come, so check by later! Love, Beau

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