Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wednesday *NEW* Tuxedo Gang Hideout News

Welcome to Wednesday at the Tuxedo Gang Hideout
Thanks for stopping by!!

Calling all Tuxie Cats!! Camie's Kitties are having a Fundraiser for Mu shue, Lilly Lu and Iris. Here's the Rules! Daisy’s knock knock joke with Pixie gave us a great idea for a fundraiser. For everyone who posts a knock knock joke on their blog with a picture on Thursday, May 1st, we will donate $0.50 to MuShue, LillyLu and Iris. We will put up Mr. Linky on our site, so make sure you stop by to let us know you have done it so we can stop by your blog. Thanks, Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

Tuxies making a difference and Helping Friends:
Dragonheart's Mom is making super cool Digital Scrapbook pages

Today is Bert's 2nd Gotcha Day!
Please go by and send him a GD wish!

We also want to give him 4 paws up for being a Great Reporter for the Tuxedo Gang Hideout!

Thanks Pearl, Bert & Jake for giving the *NEW* Tuxedo Gang Hideout this cool Award!

Please click on these sites below to help the animals in need!

The Animal Rescue Site

Get your Daily dose of MOWS Cat Comic HERE!!!

Okay kitties, that brings us to the next part of Samwise's thank you. We were wondering if any other NOMSS friends would like to join the Tuxedo Gang?! They have to be really special tuxies and like Samwise, we will put it to the vote of the entire Gang! Please leave a comment with your nominations and make sure to link to the NOMSS friend's blog or webpage or dogster, etc. THANKS!
(NOMSS means Not Of MY Species Special Friend)

Tuxie Wednesday Posts:
(reporter Bert)

Adan says Michico is back from her trip!
Bebe is a bit wordy!
It's Bert's Gotcha Day!
Bounce got a prize!
Boy may smell, but it's not his fault!
Captain Jack has a cool contest - name a V-E-T's office!
Chance is feeling wordy!
Diamond is feeling green!
Josie is not a wide body!
Millie is wishing Mr. Karate a happy birthday!
Trixie's Mom goes to school!

Wordless Wednesdays:
Earl Grey

April Tuxie BD/GD
Millie BD 5th, 2006
Tenny BD 6th, 2007
Zoey BD 6th, 2007
Bounce BD 8th, 1992
Misty BD 10th, 2006
Caesar BD 15th, 1991
Bert GD 23rd, 2006

Hi TGH Members, please check the Birthday/Gotcha Day List! If your BD/GD is missing or incorrect, please leave it in the comment section and we will add it.

If you have a Tuxie post for today, please leave a link, so we can all come see. If you have any special news, contests or information you think would be pertinent to the group, please email us a tuxedogang (at) g mail (dot) com . Thanks!


Camie's Kitties said...

Hi - would you please put up an annoucement for us? We are having a fundraiser for MuShue, et. all. We would like for everyone to put up a knock knock joke with a corresponding picture on Thursday, May 1st. We will donate $ 0.50 for every blog that participates.

Thanks, Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

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