Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tuesday *NEW* Tuxedo Gang Hideout News

It's Tuxie Tuesday at the Tuxedo Gang Hideout
Thanks for stopping by!!

We have an honorary Tuxie today! Take a look at Mr. Hendrix!

Tuxies making a difference and Helping Friends:
Dragonheart's Mom is making super cool Digital Scrapbook pages

Get your Daily dose of MOWS Cat Comic HERE!!!

Okay kitties, that brings us to the next part of Samwise's thank you. We were wondering if any other NOMSS friends would like to join the Tuxedo Gang?! They have to be really special tuxies and like Samwise, we will put it to the vote of the entire Gang! Please leave a comment with your nominations and make sure to link to the NOMSS friend's blog or webpage or dogster, etc. THANKS!
(NOMSS means Not Of MY Species Special Friend)

Tuxie Tuesday Posts:
(reporter Bert)

Bounce is being patient!

Pierro has some memes!
Samwise is training a wee pirate!
Dragonheart is enjoying the sunshine!
Emma celebrates Marley's Birthday!
Josie got a new cat!
Zoey tells a tail!
Millie is having a toesday!
Panda is celebrating Padre's Birthday!
Rosie is playing in the garden!
Speedy is going to the vet!
Tenny got a package from her Grammy!
Tipper is tired!
Trixe has a tribute to Sassy!
It's tummy Tuesday for Bebe!
Boy has a new game!

Tuxies Celbrating Earth Day:
Bianca & Willie
Sanjee, Boni, Mini, Gree & Pepi

Tuxie Tuesday:

April Tuxie BD/GD
Millie BD 5th, 2006
Tenny BD 6th, 2007
Zoey BD 6th, 2007
Bounce BD 8th, 1992
Misty BD 10th, 2006
Caesar BD 15th, 1991
Bert GD 23rd, 2006

Hi TGH Members, please check the Birthday/Gotcha Day List! If your BD/GD is missing or incorrect, please leave it in the comment section and we will add it.

If you have a Tuxie post for today, please leave a link, so we can all come see. If you have any special news, contests or information you think would be pertinent to the group, please email us a tuxedogang (at) g mail (dot) com . Thanks!


Starbuck said...

hi, we're two black and white cats and we'd like to join!


http://starbuckcatblog.blogspot.com/ - I'm a tortie but as you can see, I've got a tux on! I think my dad must have been a tux!

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