Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Advice needed for a cat momma

Hey gang, this is the Hoomanmomma posting. I need your help... actually, my babysitter needs your help.

Her cat just gave birth to her first litter of kittens last night. 5 little cuties. Unfortunately, one of them seems to be lame. Both back legs are extremely limp and bend funny at the ankle - backwards with very curled toes. Kitty is able to exert pressure with its hinds in response to touch - for example, if I hold baby in one hand and lightly push against its hinds with the other, it can push back. It can't straighten out its paws on its own, though, and can't get them under it well enough to ambulate. It is eating well and Momma isn't showing signs yet of rejecting it.

Hoomanmomma wants to know what she should do with this one. She likes this one best because of its coloring (practically a Garfield in a litter full of torties from a tri-color momma) but is worried about what kind of life, if any, this kit can have.

IS there any chance this kit will develop the back leg strength it needs? Is there something they can do to help it?

Thank you all ever so much!!!


THE ZOO said...

we dont know for certain, but when we got Salem 10 years ago , and didnt know much about cats, but we found her laying next to her dead brother outside and 1 back leg was done to the bone almost, her eyes were barely open, but we brought her in and took care of her, bottle fed, the whole nine yards and put her in a box in the bathroom, her room, and took care of her. she was so tough that she wanted outta her box and climbed/tumbled out. her leg healed on its oen, but to this day she tumbles to be cute. its her cute thing.
sorry we're not really any help but her leg healed itself.

Samantha & Tigger said...

Hi Mungo and Teazers Mom:
Check out the video on this post about Charley and see if it fits the little kitty's symptoms. It's pretty neat. Here is the link.
If you have trouble with the link, let us know.
Your FL furiends,
and Mom
We also posted this on your blog!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Hmm, could be a little muscle weakness. If that is the case the muscle should start stengthening on it's own when the little one starts walking. If not it may need some manual help, just like you have been doing...pushing gently to make the kitty push back and use and strengthen. If it's something else and doesn't get better on it's own a vet check would need to be done. And hey, there are cats out there with a missing limb who do very well...I wouldn't worry to much at this point.

Mungo N Teazer (and the Firecat too!!!) said...

Thanks, Gang!!! I'll keep watching for comments, but I think I've got enough now to convince the sitter to give Kit a chance.

And that video of Charley is absolutely adorable!!

Headbumps to all,
The Mom