Monday, April 9, 2007

Monday Mews

Members, if we don't have your bio paragraph yet, please get it to Oreo or me so we can get it posted. If you're a contributor, please go ahead and post it if you like. Future members, please let us know if you would also like to be a contributor. We will get you set up! We can't wait for all the bios to get up!!

Remember there is a Sock Monkey auction fur Jody at Monty Q. Kat’s blog. Also, Binky, a midnight, age 7, died suddenly yesterday morning. Even though he's a midnight, not a tuxie, we need to show our support to the family. Go here and leave a comment for the family. Boo also reports some furry sad news today and over the weekend: We have some sad news to report. Over this holiday weekend our local (Jacksonville, FL) Humane Society suffered a major fire at 2 AM. Many of the animals did not make it out and some are still missing. Please keep these precious furry ones in your thoughts and prayers. Also please keep positive thoughts for the humans who will need to rebuild a safe haven for all the homeless animals. Also, Sabrina, a long haired calico curl, has been very sick. Some time ago she had to have her leg removed because of cancer. Her Mom, Claudia (who is a dear friend of my friend Nancy who lost her beloved kitty recently) took her in for a small surgery and the Vet found that the cancer had spread to her spine. Please keep Miss Sabrina in your thoughts and purrayers and also her Mom, Claudia as well. On a positive note, Bujang shows us how he spent his Sunday holiday; Dragonheart has some movies showing us his Easter gift. Beau shows a man cat picture, does a meme and talks about the craziness getting ready for his mom's birthday on Saturday; Conner and sibs got a furry nice mousie from the M's! Crew's Views have a complaint about their Sunday holiday, and Edsel has a few complaints of his own!
Mattingly & Harilie give us a long awaited update! Max's mom has a new blog venture. Millie.&.Gizzy have a naptime battle. Oreo's Uncle Danny will be buried today, so be thinking of his family. There is a nice tribute to him on their blog. Scooby was in an indoor cat fight Friday! Sophia shows us pictures of sticky people egg hunting. That's all the news for now! Love, Beau

There's a great new meme out! Here are the questions:

How do you achieve balance in your life?
What is your biggest challenge in balancing your life?
What are your priorities?
How have your priorities changed over time and why?