Thursday, April 12, 2007

Hello guys!

Hey evewybody!!!
Just a wittle intwoduction since I've just became a contwibutor.
This is so fuwwy exciting. Now next to mine own bwog, I can bwog in this nice new tuxedo hideout too! I feel so honoured.

Ok, me.
Me am a 13-going-on-to-14 year old handsome bwack and white genius kitty who has found out how to hack into mine Mummy's compoooter and has since started bwogging.
And I found so many nice new fwiends in the bwogging world.
And so I keep on bwogging.

Well, I expect you guys can find out more about me if you want fwom mine bwog, which is winked over at the side.

Well there! Expect more posts fwom the genius me soon! Mummy seems to be coming into the woom so I better wog off the compoooter now.


ML (Mary Lynn) said...

You are just so cute, love your unique markings. Nice to meet you.

Beau said...

Welcome Boy!! So glad to have you as both a member AND a contributor!!

Daisy said...

This tuxedo gang hideout looks great!

The Meezer Gang said...

You guys all look so beautiful! You remind Mom of her very first kitty when she was four. She was a tuxedo kitty.

The Crew said...

Hi Boy! It's nice to see we're in the same gang.

Max, Tipper & Misty

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Hi Boy! We've seen your comments at different blogs and have been meaning to pay you a visit soon.

Anonymous said...