Friday, March 30, 2007

Tuxie Feline Friday News

Voting for a new logo will be next week!! In the Tuxie blogosphere, Today (and yesterday) Abby.&.Boo are shown posing in their nice cat bed(s). Today Abby tells us a very sad, upsetting story about a woofie. Yesterday, George (CV) listed all the many groups there were to join now in the CB, including our gang! Thanks for the plug George!! Dragonheart show us a cute picture of him under his blanket. He also shares his meme tag with us and talks about upcoming Easter holy week. Yesterday, Sangee of HotMBC listed his meme tag and Gree told about why their mom was not happy. Yesterday Millie did her meme tag as well, and today she talks about being in the doghouse without even having a dog! Go find out what THAT's about! Max tells us yesterday that Buddah got yelled at and today he tells us what he thinks. What is it he that he's thinking about? Fnd out!! NelsonLaPurr's mom says thanks! Scooby made a major complaint about his mom yesterday! We may need to help stage a major protest! Munchkin listed reasons why he loves his day yesterday (dad's birthday) on his Th13, and today they announce the winner of their 100th post contest. Be sure you go and wish his dad a happy birthday! Finally, Taps shows us late pictures of a card he got from his girlfriend. AWWWW!!
I've seen 2 good ideas on blogs that I'd like to share. Dragonheart stated, "For Lent this year, every time that my humans have gone grocery shopping, they have picked up a food item for the human food banks and they have picked up a package or box of cat food for the local animal shelters and cat rescue organizations." I think this would be a good idea for ALL year! As a caring group of tuxies, we all need to start doing this!! Ariel, who is NOT a tuxie, did a nice thing. She put a memorial tribute picture thingy on her blog for all the furries who went to the RB because of the bad pet food. This is very touching. We should start a chain of these! I would like for our group to be one that does positive things to change the world! Let's get started! Love, Beau

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