Saturday, March 31, 2007

Today Abby, Boy and Munchkin all give 5 reasons why they blog. All very good reasons! It was Boy's first meme so he was furry excited! Bujang shows us his sib Mugat in a very nice carrier! Dragonheart has an interesting photo of ice fallen from the sky! Millie tells us about her special day and Jasmine shows how charming she can be. Oreo and Timmy's moms went to watch cars racing together. Maybe they will bring some sport gear back for them! NelsonLaPurr shows us pictures of his mom's birthday. Scooby tells us that Shaggy's food is the one dry food recalled. The good news is Shaggy's okay! And, don't forget to click HERE to keep updated on everything pet food recall. Keep your friends, family, and self safe! Hope you're having a great weekend! Love, Beau