Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Tuesday *NEW* Tuxedo Gang Hideout News

Please Meet Our Newest Tuxedo Gang Members-Cousin Trooper from Florida Furkids and Olive from Melodie-Mae. Please stop by and welcome them!!
Samantha & The Tuxedo Gang
Cousin Trooper BIO

Mom’s business van was parked in our driveway with the sign for Friends FurEver on it.  One day a lady came to the door and said she had a kitty that she needed to rehome.  She lived in a townhome and had two big dogs, a little sticky person and a blurpy on the way.  Poor Trooper had been rescued from south Florida and wasn’t getting any attention.  Mom and Dad went to meet him and he was so sweet they said they would take him.  We really loved him here but he played really rough with Sniffie.  Not mean…but rough.  Auntie El had just lost her kitty, Baschert, and she decided to take Trooper to live with her.  That’s how he went from being our brofur to our Cousin!  They are purrfect together.  Auntie El taught him to fetch and play and they are super companions for each other.  Our Mom is still his Mommy Sharon but Auntie El is his super duper Mom.  He continues to be part of our lives and is often featured on our blog.
Let us know if you need anything else!
The Florida Furkids and Mom Sharon

Olive BIO

I am writing to introduce myself.

My name is: Olive. Sometimes my family calls me 'Miss Olive' I also get called: Olive-Mae, buddy, sweet girl, kitty and baby! :)

I was born on April 27, 12. I was adopted in July 13th 2012. My mommy & daddy have three grown human daughters. Two of them are married with little boys,  and the youngest one is engaged and they ALL live on their own. So in July, anticipating a huge move from one of the girls to Austria my mommy said, she was going to get a kitty to keep her company!! When she went to the home of my cat-mom's family...we were all tuxedo cats which is what my mommy had set her heart on! I had one brother and two sisters and my mommy had a very hard time picking me out. Boy am I glad she picked me!! Right now, it is just mommy, daddy and me at our house. They do not have any other animal babies. Just me. :)
I love to snuggle with either mom or dad on their recliner when watching tv. It is very comfy!

I do like to run around and jump and 'attack' mom's legs when she walks by...and run and jump on everything! It sure is lots of fun!

I sleep in my own bed with my fleecy pink blanket that mom brought me home in. I like it because it is cozy. Sometimes I go upstairs and sleep with them, but, most times I stay in my own bed downstairs.

We live on a dairy farm way up in Northern Washington state. My mommy & daddy do not want me to go outside though because we had lots of wild barn cats and they are afraid for me. I stay inside and sit on the window sill or the diningroom table and watch all the tractors & trucks go by every day. It is one of my favorite things to do! :)

I look forward to visiting and making new friends with more tuxedo kitties. :)

One more thing, my mommy sometimes lets me blog on her blog.
I call it: Mondays with Miss Olive. :) I also have my OWN page on her blog where I introduced myself and I will add new pictures of myself and some of my antics;) from time to time. :)

Love and kitty smooches,

PS: We are still working on the Christmas Contest To Be Announced Next Week 



OMC Cousin Trooper is sooooo excited to be a member!!!! Thanks for letting him join!!!!

The Florida Furkids

da tabbies o trout towne said...

meowloz cousin trooper N olive frum sauce of fishbone...tuxies rock, plane N simple....

speekin oh tuxies....who wood like sum ham samiches...


hope everee one haza awesum day !

CATachresis said...

Hello Trooper and Miss Olive :) Lovely to meet you both :) xx

meowmeowmans said...

Cousin Trooper and Olive, you two are great looking tuxies! ConCats on your membership in the Tuxedo Gang Hideout!

Katie Isabella said...

Hello Cousin Trooper and Olive! SO good to see you here with us.

melody-mae said...

Thanksssss for welcoming me to your group! Mom is on instagram and posts pictures of me all the time. If any of you are on there you should check out: catsofinstagram, kittiesofinstagram, tuxedocats and of course her own which is: melodymaeolson. :)

I am so excited to make friends with more tuxedo kittycats and thanksssss again for letting my join!

Miss Olive.