Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tuesday *NEW* Tuxedo Gang Hideout News

It's Tuxie Tuesday at the TGH
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Tuxies making a difference and Helping Friends:
Dragonheart's Mom is making super cool Digital Scrapbook pages

Don't forget to enter Kimo & Sabi's Jump and Shout Contest! Deadline is Saturday, May 31, 2008!

Meet Our Newest Tuxedo Gang Member

Meet Miss Peach, our Newest TGH Member! She wrote: Wow you guys have so much stuff going on! SOmetimes I wish I were a Tuxie so I could join your gang:) Love Miss Peach the ginger kitty May 14, 2008 9:01 PM Welcome to the Tuxedo Gang Miss Peach! Miss Peach has been Blogging for a year, she is always helping others, and we are very proud to have her join the TGH! Please stop by and say Welcome!

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The Animal Rescue Site

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Okay kitties, that brings us to the next part of Samwise's thank you. We were wondering if any other NOMSS friends would like to join the Tuxedo Gang?! They have to be really special tuxies and like Samwise, we will put it to the vote of the entire Gang! Please leave a comment with your nominations and make sure to link to the NOMSS friend's blog or webpage or dogster, etc. THANKS!
(NOMSS means Not Of MY Species Special Friend)

Tuxie TUESDAY Posts:
(reporter Bert)
Mrs. B loves watching Meerkat Manor!
Captain Jack has a new crew member!
Dizzy is very excited!
Dragonheart is shouting!
Earl Grey is showing off
Edsel has a secret!
Ivy is napping in a strage spot!
There's a tattle-tail at Maggy & Zoey's!
Sox is dreaming!
Rosie is helping!
Sophia is helping DKM!
Starbuck is still loving her harness!
Sweets is a bit worried!
Trixie has a beautiful picture!
Veronica is having a contest!
Zoey & the Furrballs are back in business!
Tenny has a weekend update!

Tuxie Tuesday

May Tuxies Birthday/Gotcha Day
Rosie BD 5th, 2007
Tipper BD 6th, 2003
Max, The Crew BD 6th, 2004
Panda Bear, BD 16th

Hi TGH Members, please check the Birthday/Gotcha Day List! If your BD/GD is missing or incorrect, please leave it in the comment section and we will add it.

If you have a Tuxie post for today, please leave a link, so we can all come see. If you have any special news, contests or information you think would be pertinent to the group, please email us a tuxedogang (at) g mail (dot) com . Thanks!


MISS PEACH >(^.^) said...

Hello all you beautiful Tuxedo Kitties! I am very honored to asked to be a part of this very special gang. Thank you ever so much Samantha! I accept in memory of my Tuxedo friend Henry the VIII who went to the rainbow bridge on his 3rd birthday. I know he is smiling down from heaven now that I am here with all of you. I will try to be a very good member and not bring any shame upon your gang. I will be kind and helpful and a friend to all who need one.
Stop over for tea anytime as I always have the kettle on!
Love Miss Peach

Katie & Da Katz said...

Oooh Miss Peach, you iz a peachy tuxie!! cause youz gots a bib and looks like Ize see wittle white toesies!!

--Bootsie Woo, subbin fur Katie Too whoze bin ats a Ninja Cat Meetin all nites... Cums homes, Katie!

Katie & Da Katz said...

oohs cuds Katie Too and me beze memburs?? Weze Tuxies and helpin Mawmee wif a Movie.

Mawmee wants ta use da furry funny movie to suppurrt no kill animal shelturs round heres, whens we gets da movie dun...

-Bootsie Woo and Katie Too (Ize been lookin fur her, but she still at hur Ninja Meetin!)

Katie & Da Katz said...

OOH!! I gots good mews! Katie gotted back frum hur Ninja cat Meetin bouts a 6-furtee... I saws hur furst lookin in da basemnt winda and lets Mommee knoh!

=Bootsie Woo and Katie Too!

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