Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tuesday *NEW* Tuxedo Gang Hideout News

It's Tuxie Tuesday at the TGH!
Thanks for stopping by!!

Tuxies making a difference and Helping Friends:
Dragonheart's Mom is making super cool Digital Scrapbook pages
Beau is Having a Kitten Squillion Adoption Auction. He has a new litter of 19. So now is your chance to have one of your very own! **UPDATE - bidding is fast and furious, and the auction ends on Thursday 3/27/08**

Samantha Black is Missing!
She may have gotten out last night, but didn't come home this morning! Her Mommy and Mr. Tigger are very worried!
**UPDATE** Samantha is home and fine!

Veronica's Birthday is today and here is the invitation to her party!

Happy 1st Birthday Veronica from the Tuxedo Gang!

Please click on these sites below to help the animals in need!

The Animal Rescue Site

Okay kitties, that brings us to the next part of Samwise's thank you. We were wondering if any other NOMSS friends would like to join the Tuxedo Gang?! They have to be really special tuxies and like Samwise, we will put it to the vote of the entire Gang! Please leave a comment with your nominations and make sure to link to the NOMSS friend's blog or webpage or dogster, etc. THANKS!
(NOMSS means Not Of MY Species Special Friend)

Tuxie Tuesday Posts:
(reporter Bert)
Abby is sunning her furrs!
Adan loves his Grandpa!
Bert and Chance are both making wishes!
We need to purr for Bubble's sister Miral, she isn't feeling well.
Diamond is showing off her spring bling!
Read Dragonheart's Great Sphynx Adventure!
There's a guest Tuxie at Josie's and Shade's today!
Maggy and Zoe are going to Disney World!
It's a Tuxie Tuesday for Millie!
Mouse is getting a little love!
Rosie may have found the Easter Bunny!
Sabi is playing with his baby sister!
Samantha is curious today!
Sanjee and Tipper, Max & Misty are all doing the middle name meme!
It's Veronica's first birthday!
Zoey & the Furballs are still having trouble with the computer!

March Tuxie BD/GD
Sadie BD 12th
Jesse BD 13th
Tocchet BD/GD 17th, 1992
Captain Jack BD/GD 17th
Veronica BD 25th, 2007

Hi TGH Members, please check the Birthday/Gotcha Day List! If your BD/GD is missing or incorrect, please leave it in the comment section and we will add it. Thanks!

If you have a post for today, please leave a link, so we can all come see. If you have any special news, contests or information you think would be pertinent to the group, please email us a tuxedogang (at) gmail dot


Veronica (M) said...

Thanks for the Birfday wishes Guys!!!!

Tennessee said...

Hi all! I'm a tuxie too. My housebruther Mr. Echo lets me play on his blog on Toosday. It's Tenny Toosday! This is a swell blog!


industrialpoppy said...

I'm a tuxie and so is my brutha! Tuxies rule!

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