Friday, January 4, 2008

Weekend Tuxedo Gang Hideout News

Welcome to the Weekend at TGH!
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Welcome to the Weekend TGH News. It will start on Friday and go thru Sunday! If you have multiple posts please leave a link for each day on Mr. Linky at the bottom of the page. Our Reporters will check everyone on the Membership List through out the Weekend and add new posts for each Day! So get ready for the weekend!

Bert here with important news: Dragonheart isn't feeling well, he has a fever and has already had to go to the V-E-T twice (and has to go back again tomorrow)! It sounds like he is on the road to recovery, but we hope he gets well soon.

Dear Tuxedo Gang Members: Check out the January Header above! Maggy, Zoey and Ann of Zoolatry have made us one for each month of the year! Please go by and say a BIG thank you! !

We want to introduce our New Reporters for the TGH:

Meet Captain Jack
from Purrageous Pirates

Meet Bert from
PB&J Is My Favorite

Guess The TGH Member Contest
: Starting Thursday 1/3/08 we are going to pick out one Tuxedo Gang Member and give hints on who it is. The first one to guess each day will receive a 2008 Cat Calender. Contest will end when we give away all the calenders and it is open to all cats, bunnies, rats, and their beans. (PS: It won't be hard.)

Here is the rules! 1.One guess per cat, bunny, rat or their bean per day. 2. If you know the Member is yourself, you or any other pet in your home cannot guess.
3. If multiple cats in house, they get one guess, too. 4. Once you win, you cannot play again. 5. All the Tuxedo Gang Members can be found in the sidebar. 6. At the end of the contest, The TGH is donating $20.00 to the H.A.M. Project. 7. Contest will run Mon-Fri only. 7. We can change or add any rules as necessary.

Who is this TGH Member?
He likes football.
He is very close to his brother.
He got a one of a kind Christmas present.
His Mom & Dad visited a place with lots of lights.
We have a winner, two actually Sanjee and Finny & Buddy. They both guessed Sabi! Please email your addresses to TuxedoGang (at) gmail (dot) com

Friday Tuxie Posts:


Taps BD 1st, 1991
Bebe GD 3rd , 1997
Trixie GD 4th, 2004
Hi TGH Members, please check the
Birthday/Gotcha Day List! If your BD/GD is missing or incorrect, please leave it in the comment section and we will add it. Thanks!

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michico*Adan said...

Woww.... Congratulations for 4th Gotcha day~!!

topcatrules said...

Oh! We LOVE the picture of Trixie with her boy! It's her fourth Gotcha Day and his seventeeen birthday today!

Mom baked a cake - but she doesn't bake very well. :)

The Furry Bambinos said...


I am so excited to be a gang member... er, that doesn't sound quite right. Anyway, my Gotcha Day is October 22, and I was born in mid-May 2007.

Panda Bear

Finnegan & Buddy said...

Hi! We're not Tuxies, but we love there pikchers and we fink the TGH member of the day is SABI!!

Finny & Buddy

JB's Big World said...

It's me, JB. I tried to contact you through the email link but it did not worlk, so here I am!
I wanna be a member of the Tuxedo Gang too. Can I join?

Thanks so much!

Skeeter And LC said...

Reportin some surprising news.

The Big Thing moved alla furniture aroun and he hasnt done that since Skeeter an I were barely growed up years an years ago.

We're gettin something new in the cave! Come take a look. Lotsa pictures! An Skeeter hasa reason to be excited...