Friday, January 18, 2008

Weekend Edition Of The *NEW* TGH News

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Heather wrote: My Mom passed away this morning at about 11:30. If you could let everyone know I would appreciate it. I’ll probably be pretty busy over the next few days but I’ll check my email every evening. Thanks for being there & for the prayers. Heather (Oreo’s mommie)


Princess said: Today Caesar did not wake up. I slept with him last night... and then, God took him to rainbow bridge.Mommie is very sad. she can not stop crying.

Please go by Caesar's blog and leave your purrs and prayers for Princess and her Mommy. They can use all of our tuxie support at this sad time.

Welcome to the Weekend TGH News.

It will start on Friday and go through Sunday! If you have multiple posts please leave a link for each day on Mr. Linky at the bottom of the page. Our Reporters will check everyone on the Membership List through out the Weekend and add new posts for each Day! So lets get ready for the weekend!

Sunday Tuxie Posts:

Saturday Tuxie Posts:
Trixie in her Ballet Debut! Congratulations !
Saturday is for snuggling! Millie says so!
Mom is most IMPORTANT to Samantha!
For Dragonheart Family is most IMPORTANT!
Sabi had been updating and Look at all the cool Awards him and his brother received!
Zoey shows us what is IMPORTANT when it comes to playing with Balloons properly!

Tuxie Friday Posts: (Reporter Captain Jack)
Abby has a question to ask?

Adan is looking quite fashionable!
Boy has gotten an award!
Caesar is trying to keep warm in the snow!
Chance is having a fun Friday!
Sophia got lots of Awards!
Sabi has taken cuteness to a new level!! And check out the Kitty Cup Trio right below!
Lyra & Caesar share their forever home with us!

Queen Snickers has set up a blog for Cats who are single and want to find someone. Sorta like match dot com for humans, but this one is for Cats. It’s called Single Kitties Love Cafe. You can post your picture with a short description of yourself. If you are looking for a Valentine or someone special, this blog looks like a great place to be seen and found. Check out who is already there. Stop on over to find out all the details.

Guess The TGH Member Contest: We are going to pick out one Tuxedo Gang Member each day (Mon-Fri) and give hints on who it is. The first one to guess each day will receive a 2008 Cat Calender. Contest will end when we give away all the calenders and it is open to all cats, bunnies, rats, and their beans. (PS: It won't be hard.)

Here is the rules! 1.One guess per cat, bunny, rat or their bean per day. 2. If you know the Member is yourself, you cannot guess yourself or anyone else in your household. 3. If multiple cats in house, they get one guess, too. 4. Once you win, you cannot play again. 5. All the Tuxedo Gang Members can be found in the sidebar. 6. At the end of the contest, The TGH is donating $20.00 to the H.A.M. Project. 7. Contest will run Mon-Fri only. 7. We can change or add any rules as necessary.

Who is this TGH Member?
This kitty lives across the ocean.
His brother is very bossy.
He likes boxes.
He got a new cat bed that is big enough for two.

Meet Our Newest Tuxedo Gang Members: ( Reporter Bert)

May we introduce you to Zed Monster, one of the Bad Kitties! Oh we know, he's a Meezer, but he's an honorary member of the TGH! Zed is the diabolical dictator duly elected Bad Kitty Cat Representative and Spokeskitty. Make sure to stop on by and see what he and the demon spawn kittens are up to!

This is Bukowski from Bad Kitty Cats, one of the Demon Spawn Kittens that Zed Monster always has trouble with. Bukowski is a lovely long-haired grey Tuxie Girl, with hypnotic eyes - be careful when you stop on by!

Welcome to Rosie! She's still just a youngin' (only 8 months old) and already an important member of the five cat household - she lives with her brothers, sisters and Mom Gattina in Waterloo Belgium. Rosie loves her toy mousies and feather toys, and getting into things! Stop by and say Hi!

Please go by and meet Caesar & Lyra, they just started blogging on the 16th of this month! They are cute tuxie kitties who live in Kent, England. Please go read about their very First Week in their forever home. Please turn on your comments so we can come by and say HI!!!


Taps BD 1st, 1991
Bebe GD 3rd , 1997
Trixie GD 4th, 2004

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Anonymous said...

oooOOOooo I know! But I can't say....

Lyra&Caesar said...

Thanks for the great hideout!

Skeeter, LC, and Ayla said...

We are hafin a series of contests. The first is to find cool middle names fer me (LC Spencer) an my brudder Skeeter (Skeeter Spencer).

The other two contestses will be announonced toomorrow an the nex day.

We are gifin treats to the winners an pictures onna bloggie.