Monday, December 17, 2007

Monday *NEW* Tuxedo Gang Hideout News

Welcome to Monday at the TGH!
Thanks for stopping by!

We at the TGH want to thank Maggy, Zoey and Ann for the great Header. And everyone who voted. Check out the cool Holiday theme! (We are still working on the sizing!)

FOOD DRIVE STILL GOING ON: -Buy some pet food, doesn't matter whether it's wet/dry, or species, and take it to your local animal shelter. And wish them Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, or whatever. That's all...and if you let us know how much you took we can keep a running total of it and announce the total after Christmas. We will do this from now until Christmas so that everyone has a chance to participate.

Monday Tuxie Posts:
Beau- Christmas Mancat
Sophia-Who's that under her tree?
Maggy & Zoey-The Christmas Spirit has arrived.

Millie-Mr. Karate Monday!
Earl Grey-Mancat Monday with a twist.
Caesar-Mancat and Award.
Bert-Mail call?
Sabi& Kimo-In case you didn't know the blurpy girl has arrived!!
Speedy-He thinks his Mom has gone crazy!
Dragonheart-Warm Mancat Monday!
Bebe-Secret Paws arrived!
Boo-Oh my gosh would you look and see what she got from Captain Jack!
Captain Jack-Mancat Monday and teasing brother!

Please Welcome Our New TGH Members: ( We have 3 more For Tuesday)

Meet Jack from catsRkids2. He lives with Molly and Mischief.
Oh my gosh, the b word is being endured in this post. This looks like some one who will remain unnamed needs to go on a diet, here he is at 6 months old and he is a cutie, Jack has his very own puppy and Christmas came early for one lucky cat!

This is Bebe from Pumpkin's World. He is a Tuxabby! He has 3 cat brothers Pumpkin, Tiger and Blackie and Quincy, his very own fev-ver maker. Here are a few posts to get to know him better. This is him with on Family Friday, find out why he is stressed, and
doesn't he just make a handsome Mancat!

Maggy and Zoey are 4-year old and 2-year old Himalayan girls who have "those days" when they'd love to be tuxies: all black and white, and crisp and cool. These ladies live over at Zoolatry (and Zoey also spends a lot of time at Cat In The Bag)... and they have lots of fun all over the Cat Blogosphere... helping themselves to other kitty pictures. Usually these "visitors" only stay a day or two, and then they get sent back home in some fun new way. We are pleased to be honorary members of the New TGH...

Wanted two or three Tuxedo Gang Hideout Reporters! Please leave a comment below if you are interested!

December BD/GD
Frodo GD 16th, 2001
Boy GD 31st, 1993

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Maggy & Zoey said...

Happy Monday from Zoey...
Happy Monday from Maggy...
we are quite honored to be members of TGH... we do have lots of
"black-and-white" days, so am
sure that qualifies us, at least some of the time!

Caesar and Princess said...

These are great new tuxie friends!!!

Anonymous said...