Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Wednesday *NEW* Tuxedo Gang Hideout News

Happy Wednesday Tuxedo Gang! We are making changes here at the Hideout, so check back often to see. If you have an idea, please leave a comment! We are wanting to make this a fun, informative and exciting place for all Tuxedo & Black/Gray & White Cats to be so your input and ideas are welcome! Tuxedo Gang Staff. Image provided by Comic Strip Generator.

Thanks Sabi for giving this Award to the Tuxedo Gang Hideout!
This is our First one!!
We would like to Award this to Oreo, he is the one who helped start this blog.

Wordless Tuxie Posts:

Other Tuxie Posts:
Sanjee at the Vet!
Millie wonders What If?

TGH Members October Birthday/Gotcha Day's
Josie BD 6th, 2003
Earl Grey GD 8th, 2005
Munchkin GD 10th, 2006
LC GD 31st, 1993

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Please check the Birthday & Gotcha Day List to see if your BD & GD are correct. If they are not correct or not listed , please leave a comment with the Date, Month and Year.

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Fab five said...

Hi Samantha!!!

Thankz fur remembering Delilah. Her birthday waz April 6, 2004. We got her from a wonderful no-kill shelter dat fosterz kittiez to make dem more social-ized. She waz eight-weekz old.
She waz a "tom-boy" kitten. Iris came wit her. & Iris became Delilah's honor-rary momee. She taught Delilah how to hunt & cleaned her earz & stuff. Now dey are bestee frendz & sleepz curled up togedder..

Delilah's nice kitten "gotcha day" pic iz at da blog: September, Thurzday 13, & her good grown-up pic iz at: August, Henry's meme challenge.

Tankz fur doin' dis Samantha!!!!

Tybalt said...

Congratulations on your first award, guys! Great job with the Hideout! It makes me and my sisters jealous that we aren't Tuxies, too!

Mickey said...

Congrats for yer award!!!!!