Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tuesday *NEW* Tuxedo Gang Hideout News

Tuxie Tuesday At TGH

Tuxie Tuesday Posts:
Samantha's Gizzy Quilt and I can't believe I let Mom do this to me!!!
DaisyMae has an update on the Fires in San Diego!
Check out Adan's night job!!
Mungo & Teazer get to eat stinky goodness everyday!
Beau has some neat stuff to sell! Go by and check it out!
The Crew's View is having tent wars! Go stop by and have some fun!
Gree loves her Nip Ravioli's and if you haven't ordered yours. Do so now!!
Taps is dreaming of Yuki!
Josie & Maggie patrol their back yard for sassy squirrels & naughty birds!
Speedy has a driving cat on his blog and a very nice picture of himself!
Millie has some MUST READ information about Breast Cancer Awareness Month!
LC & Skeeter are having a 10,000 Visitor Contest! If you haven't put a guess in, go by and leave one!
Riot is causing a riot with her cute tummy shot, but don't get to close or she might bite!
Ahhh, a day in life of our beautiful Tuxie Manx Abby!!
Captain Jack is giving us Piracy Lesson #1!! Arrrrrrrrrr!!!
It's Mr. H's Gotcha Day at the Feline Sextet! Go by and wish Him a Happy One!
Check out Baby Mao's Limerick from Karen Jo and the beautiful picture from Maggy & Zoey!!
My, my how the Furballs over at Zoey's have grown (Mom needs some advice) and Zoey got a great report from the Vet!! Yeah!!!

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TGH Members October Birthday/Gotcha Day's
Josie BD 6th, 2003
Earl Grey GD 8th, 2005
Munchkin GD 10th, 2006
LC GD 31st, 1993

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Ruis said...


Next to me sits Bubbles and when he saw this site he asked me to leave a comment that he wants to become a member. I think he is a Tuxedo cat. He is black & white and my great friend!

Bubbles shares a weblog with all of us at Kattenpraat's Catwalk: http://kattenpraat-catwalk.blogspot.com/

Under the Label *Bubbles you can find him.

Purrs, Catwalk reporter Ruis

Sassy Cat said...

Stopping by to invite you to my Halloween party. Thought maybe you and your gang might want to join me at my place on Sunday. Tell your friends about it and hope you can come over.

Ruis said...

Hi Samantha-
Bubbles birthday is September 14, he was born in 1999.

He is very happy that he could become a member of the TGH.


Bebe said...

Samantha, fanks fur the invitashun to join the Tuxedo Gang! I wuz fownd as a lost baby poodin on 1/3/97. If I wuz abowt 5-weeks-old when I wuz fownd, then that meens mine berfday iz 11/29/96. Wow, Pumpkin's gotcha day is 11/29/05!

PB & J said...

Can we all join? Our brother Bert is a handsome Tuxedo, but do we all get to be in the Club?

Thanks - we sure are excited!

Pearl, Bert and Jake (PB&J)

Bebe said...

Oops, I wuz wrong abowt Pumpkin's gotcha day. It'z 10/29 NOT 11/29. That's grate cuz we don't haff to combine mine berfday wiff hiz gotcha day and can party TWICE.

eda said...