Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tuesday *New* TGH News

Good morning TGH Members! We are making a few changes here at the Hideout, so check back often to see. If you have an idea, please leave a comment! We are wanting to make this a fun, informative and exciting place for all Tuxedo & Black/Gray & White Cats to be so your input and ideas are welcome! Tuxedo Gang Staff.

If you would like to join Tuxedo Gang Hideout, just leave a comment and say add me and you are a member! By leaving a comment, you are allowing TGH to post a picture, add a link and use information about you from your blog or web-site. It will be for TGH use only.

Please check the Birthday & Gotcha List to see if yours is correct. If you are not listed, please leave a comment with the correct Month, Day and Year.

Tuesday Posts:
Tuxie and Cats on Tuesday with Dragonheart.
Adan is having a great Contest, please go by and enter!
Choices, choices Millie has a few to make.
Please vote for your favorite MontyQ and Full Monty over at Doing the Q! We are sure there are some great Tuxies and Black & White Cats that entered!

Monday Posts:
Dragonheart in Mancat Monday!
Check out Two Mancats over at Crews Views!!
Baby Mao Nose and Face twin!


Kimo & Sabi said...

I am trying to catch a fev-ver today!

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

KC said...
Hey, tuxies, don't furrget we's got three tuxies in our house right now. Mommy Dinah and Tuxie Twin and anufer unnamed tuxie kitten. They are three weeks old today.
Purrrs, KC

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

KC said...
Oooopppsss, click on Dinah & The Mites to see their wonnerful bloggie. Godmother Deb created this blog from Day 1 of the Mites lives!
Purrs, KC