Monday, August 6, 2007

Monday *NEW* Tuxedo Gang Hideout News

What a great Monday!! If you are a Tuxie or Black & White Cat, please leave your link below! If you have something you want us to post, leave a comment or email us and we'll post it. Our new email address is: tuxedogangATgmailDOTcom, please send your picture and a bio and we will post it you for everyone to meet you. Samantha, TGH Reporter

Mancat Monday Tuxies:
Other Posts:
  • "Rain, rain, go away come again some other day", this is Adan's song for today!
  • Earl Grey is becoming bone-less? Find out why!
  • Diva Kitty gives us a weekend recap.
  • Jojo likes ice cream!! A lot!

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