Saturday, June 23, 2007

WeekendTuxie News

If you are a Tuxedo Cat with a post on your blog this weekend (Saturday or Sunday), leave your link below or add a message in the comments, and we'll add you to the round-up!

Happy Belated Birthday Max the Psycho Kitty from the TGH!!!

Zoey thinks her beans have gone crazy!
Edsel had teeth pulled so go on over and give her him and his Mom purrs and prayers!!

Easy Like Sunday Morning Posts
Millie splishing & splashing and her and Jasmine nipping and napping!!
Tuxie Photo Hunters:

Tuxedo Gang Members I'd like to introduce Frodo's Catscentric World, a new Blog sort of. So go by and give him a Big TGH Welcome.
Adan is sleepy this Sunday and has a Meme for us.