Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Tuxie Tuesday

This week's featured Tuxie is Dragonheart.

Dragonheart is actually a tuxie, believe it or not! You can see that colour that his fur would be on his nose, where the fur is black and white.

Dragonheart is a Sphynx, living in Munich, Germany. His humans are Canadian. He turns one this July.

Dragonheart is very active, and loves to play. He also loves to cuddle, purr, and eat!

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jcfloresinc said...

Great picture, Dragonheart. My puurthday is in July, too. You are a cutie.
Be blessed,
Samantha & Tigger

Miss Peach>(^,^) said...

There is no cat quite like Dragonheart! I know first paw about that:))
Luf Miss Peach >(^,^)<

Anonymous said...

Hi Dragonheart,
what a nice name! I am named after a swedish YOGHOURT! And actually my name is spelled without the "e" in the end, but I don't want troubles with the yoghourt companie, so I write it here with the "e". My humans love that yoghourt and they thought the name would be nice for a cat. Well I don't eat yoghourt but love vanilla icecream or pudding.
You look great with the wrinkles between your ears. Very thoughtful.
Have fun in Munich! I actually come from Hamburg but have moved to Sweden last year.

Anonymous said...