Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sunday Early News

The beautiful abandoned Angel (a tux) delivered a litter of gorgeous kittens (2 of which were tuxies); she is spayed and tests negative for FL & Aids. Click here for the latest movies of Momma & Kittens. If anyone in the Houston or Galveston area is interested in adopting Angel and/or kitten(s), please contact rafe AT heckyeah DOT net.

The Monfly Healing Prayer Circle / Vigil is scheduled for Tuesday, May 29!  Find details on the Cat Blogosphere or the Pet Prayer and Praise blog.

Sunday Tuxie Posts:


Mimi Lenox said...

On the groovy peace globe trail today....

Many bloggers, including WW participants, will be flying Peace Globes in the blogosphere on Wednesday, June 6, 2007. It is BlogBlast for Peace day - the second annual event. Please consider using your Wordless Wednesday platforms on this day to participate. You can find more information about the movement at Mimi Writes or BlogBlast for Peace or

Thanks and peace!

Anonymous said...