Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hi, I'm Samantha!

Hello Everyone. My name is Samantha Black. I've just become a contributor here and I'd like to introduce myself. I am almost four years old, my birthday is July 31. I live with my Tabby pal Tigger, Mom, Dad and Gma Rosie. We live in Daytona Beach, Florida, home of the Daytona 500. If you are NASCAR fan, my favorite Driver is Dale Earnhart, Jr. We live about 3 miles from the beach, ugh, too much water for me. Although, I like to play in the rain, cause then mom will dry me when I come in.
I started my blog, so I could make new cat friends and help those who are caregivers to a loved one with Alzheimer's. Mom and I have learned so much, since Gma Rosie has come to live with us and we want to help those who are new to the disease and those who have been taking care of someone for awhile. Even if it's just to listen to their story. I'm going to start posting information we have learned to my blog daily.
I like to sleep, bite Mom's toes when she is sleeping, curl up in Gma Rosie's lap and purr, make new friends, cats and others alike. I like to pounce on Tigger, in the dark, cause it's harder for him to see me. I also knock on the door, when I want in, just like mom does.
Thanks for letting me introduce myself and become a contributor on the Tuxedo Gang Hideout. Hey, why do some cats call their humans beans?
Be blessed,