Saturday, January 26, 2008

Weekend Cat Blogging #138 At the Tuxedo Gang Hideout

TheWelcomes all of this weeks Cool Cats
so Let's get started!

This is Maxx from Kit Chow and he is one hot Tuxie! He likes to stand in front of the heating vent on the cold days in Vancouver BC. He also has a cute sister named Roxy! And Maxx is becoming a member of the TGH, too! Geez, what a day, we must have added 10+ members today. Welcome all!!
Let's spend the day with Arthur at My Cats and Funny Stories and see what he does all day! And then let's take a nap!Why is Cece sobbing in this picture!! Poor kitty! Let's ask Mog?
Oh my gosh!!! Check out the cute house kittens over at masak-masak! There is just nothing quite as cute as baby kittens!
Meet Wrigley & Cobalt, two of our newest Tuxedo Gang Members. They have taken Cuteness to the highest level in this PHOTO SHOOT! And read their very firstMEME!
Oh no, Rocky from Artsy Catsy has been scared! See that scratch right down the middle of his nose. Geez, and he was just getting ready for his photo shoot for the Love Cafe! Don't worry Rocky, you are still one handsome Mancat! And all the Cats at Artsy Catsy were very busy, NOT, on this Slacker Sunday! Miss Mina & Oliver from Cuisine Guylaine come to visit us this week. They take turns sleeping in every room! Thanks for stopping by!
Eric and Flynn are relaxing this Sunday morning after a very busy Saturday! It wasn't raining on Saturday so they went for a long walk! If they were human, they say, we would still be in our PJ's!
Gypsy shows Tasha and us the correct technique for playing with a weather wand! And Kaz's Cats received a a cool award! Go by and check it out!
Dragonheart & Merlin from Chat Aux Sphynx share their Nicknames with us! Those they like and those they don't!
Meet Petee! Zazzy tell us that he is the cutest and most laid back Tuxedo Persian cat in the world! Thanks for stopping by to see us Petee! Ahhh, a budding Artist! This is Bond, James Bond over at KC & Missy's Place. Looks like he may be on to a new art form! Paper towel sculptures! We would like to Welcome all the Sherwood Tuxies to the TGH, too!
Meet Baby from Come What Mae! Isn't he just a cutie! This is where he was when he first went to sleep, BUT check out where he ended up!

Check out the LOL Cat Bible Readings for January 26, 2008 at meeyauw's!
Meowza is trying to figure out a way to help Izzy & Cece get along! And let's Shout out a Welcome! All the Mind of Mog Cats have joined the TGH!
Cece knows that Mind of Mog can't resist his cow-kitty cuteness and gives her his best smile! Yes,I know she loves me!
Pepi, of the Hotties Clan, gave the laser eyes of death to "Bizzy"! Just in the nick of time to get his post to us for WCB #138!!
Look at that face! Do you think Maruschka at Rosa's Yummy Yums is as evil as the kitty on the video?


Kits Chow said...


I'm Maxx and my sister (alas not a tuxie but she's OK) and I would like to join weekend cat blogging.

I would like to join the Tuxedo Gang. My biped sent in my application a while ago but it has probably been lost in cyberspace. She's new to blogging.


PS: Everybody in my Kits neighbourhood knows me. I am very sociable and popular with the cat lovers. I am sure someone will give me a good reference.

Gattina said...

Arthur will show for WCB his activities of this week. I think he is overworked by now !

mog said...

Thanks for hosting. I have a post for WCB, another Cece post.

boo_licious said...

Thxs for hosting WCB! Here's my link:

Bie said...

Thanks for hosting this round. We're sharing what our Baby did here:

Andree said...

Hai Lots of interesting reading this week at the LOL Cat Bible Lectionary Readings: Divisions in the Ceiling Cat Clubz, Ceiling Cat iz Smartr than U, Jesuz begunz 2 preech, amirite?, The callin of teh frist desipels, Jesuz heels teh sIckly, and a late visit from a King!

Be sure to drop by! Bai!

mog said...

Nother Cece post which brings up the topic of joining the gang as all my kitties are either grey and white, black and white except for the silver (fur black white and grey) ones. So yes, we'd all like to join. Meowza and Izzy have their own blogs.

Hot(M)BC said...

Phew, "Bizzy" finally was chased off by my laser eyes and I got our post up. It's at
Fanks for hosting yoo guys n gals!
your bud Pepi

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Thanks for hosting WCB!

If you want to know what I go through on weekend morning, then here's my link:



KC and the Giggleman Kitties said...

One of my tuxies, Bond, James Bond (called Bond for short) was so impressed by a post on last weeks Carnival that he decided to give it a try... what is it? A new art form... check it out here.
Thanks, ML

Anonymous said...

Petee makes a guest appearance this week in honor of the tuxedo gang! Thanks for hosting.

Here is our entry:

Dragonheart, Merlin, Devi, and Chloe said...

Thanks for hosting WCB this week! :)

Here is our entry: Our Nicknames

Kaz's Cats said...

Hi, Thanks for hosting WCB. We're feeling a bit sluggish after eating lots on Saturday, so here's our Sunday post:


Gypsy & Tasha

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Here is our link. We are having a easy cuddly Sunday.

guylaine said...

Merci à toi d'héberger nos chats !
Voici le lien :
Bon dimanche, bises !

Artsy Catsy said...

After his whapping injury, Rocky has everyone hard at work:


Wrigley, Cobalt, & Penelope said...

We posted lots of pictures of ourselves!

We also did our first meme!

Anonymous said...








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